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First month of flattr

June 3rd, 2010

I was really excited to see how flattr works and whether this could have a future or not.

So the results for me after 14 days are: I flattred 91 ct (I joined in the middle of the month, so only a part of my 2€/m were used) and got flattered 1.62€.

Just to make it clear: I’m not looking to make any money from this blog! All the flattr-money will be reflattered (what a word). It’s just nice to see that the myth about the “all-for-free”-internet user is just a myth. Some sites got more than 100€ like the TAZ or podcaster Tim Pritlove.

Of course it’s not something you can live on nor does it pay for even the electricity needed to run my PC for that time but that’s not what I think flattr is good for.

It shows that you appreciate someones work and it shows that you really care for it in a real way. Not just in a “I like that”-Facebook way which only gives money to FB.

If you want to know more about flattr watch this video

To join flattr you can try one of these codes I got when applying for an invite (got 4 invites, don’t know if they all work)




btw: I hope to be able to show some pictures really soon but right now the weather is just f-ing bad and I have loads of work to do for my upcoming exams.

Flattr invite codes

June 1st, 2010

If you want to join flattr feel free to use one of these invite codes:




Please leave a little comment if you used one so I can cancel that one out.